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Former PM Victor Ponta invites ex-ministers to a meeting in Brasov, criticizes Dragnea, Grindeanu, Tariceanu

victor ponta

Former Prime Minister and PSD leader Victor Ponta has invited the ex-ministers of his cabinets to a meeting in Brasov, at the end of February, social-democrat sources have told hotnews.ro. Later on, Ponta has told the same website that the ...

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PSD to decide over vacant ministries, critical voices in the party. Ponta denies taking over Justice portolio. Dragnea: “There is no break in the party”


The Social Democrat leaders are expected to meet to decide who is going to take over the two interim minister offices, Justice and Business Environment, but also to debate the recent tensions in the party stirred by the SocDem mayor ...

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Ciolos cabinet launched most EU projects and met most EC conditionalities


The Sorin Grindeanu government admits that the former technocrat cabinet of Dacian Ciolos has launched most calls for European projects and has met most ex-ante conditionalities requested by the European Commission for granting EU funds, more than the Victor Ponta ...

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Update: CNATDCU General Council verdict – Laura Codruta Kovesi has not plagiarised. Reactions and contestations

high-level corruption kovesi

The National Council for Attesting Titles, Diplomas and Certificates (CNATDCU) General Council has ruled on Thursday that Laura Codruta Kovesi has not plagiarised her PhD paper ‘Fighting organised crime by criminal law regulations’ with the proposal to maintain the PhD ...

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Liviu Dragnea presents PSD’s vision on the consolidated state budget for 2017 – higher wages, tax cuts, investments

liviu dragnea

Social-democrat chairman Liviu Dragnea revealed on Wednesday, in a press conference, PSD’s draft consolidated state budget for 2017, stating that it will be submitted to Parliament within 10 days since the formation of the new executive after the general elections ...

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PM Ciolos: I don’t know Soros, Ponta took photos with him

ciolos soros

PM Dacian Ciolos on Monday rejected accusations that he would be “sold” to billionaire George Soros, saying he doesn’t know Soros, unlike former PM Victor Ponta and other Social Democrats who met the US businessman several times, and were even ...

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Donald Trump, the expected surprise for the U.S. Presidency (III). Romanian politicians react


The unexpected victory of the Republican candidate Donald Trump in the US elections has stirred reactions in the political environment in Romania. Nevertheless, politicians of all colours express confidence the Romania-US partnership will further continue. PSD leader Liviu Dragnea: I ...

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China, Romania set to cooperate in nuclear energy and thermal power

source: gov.ro

Attending the Fifth Meeting of Heads of Government of Centraland Eastern European Countries (CEEC) and China, Romanian Prime Minister Dacian Ciolos met Chinese Premier Li Keqiang in Riga, capital of Latvia during which they held talks about further cooperation on ...

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