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Telecom operators to invest over EUR 500 M in 2017 for network development

Telecom companies on domestic market have announced investments of more than EUR 500 million in network development this year, Catalin Marinescu, president of the National Authority for Management and Regulation in Communications (ANCOM) stated.

According to him, Telekom will invest in the development of 4G networks, Vodafone and Orange – in the development the own networks,  while the investments of UPC and RDS will focus on the mobile segment, namely extending the coverage with 4G services and expanding capacity.

“Operators are willing to make these investments as they will have a return on investments in their revenues and so they are competitive, offering more, better quality and cheaper,” ANCOM official said.

Marinescu also pointed out that there are moves from TV cable companies which start to enter the mobile market with packet offers.

“The challenge for operators is to continue to bring innovation and, on the other hand, the challenge from regulators is to facilitate the development of new technologies in Romania. Another important challenge is how we get through the obstacles to network development, meaning the number of authorizations, relations with local authorities,” Marinescu added.

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