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Teraplast Group inaugurated in Serbia the first Romanian factory opened abroad after 1990

Teraplast Group, the largest PVC processor in Romania opened on October 11th the TeraSteel Serbia factory, specializing in the production of sandwich panels. According to a press release, this is the first factory inaugurated after 1990 abroad and fully owned by a Romanian company.

“The expansion of Teraplast’s activity in Serbia with the opening of the Leskovac plant is a new step in our development process, in line with the long-term objectives of the group. In 2018, we target sales of EUR 28 million with TeraSteel Serbia and in terms of the markets served, most of the panels produced in this plant will go to the Serbian market but also to export in countries from the Balkan region”, said Dorel Goia, chairman of Teraplast’s board of directors.

The factory in Serbia has a production capacity similar to that of the subsidiary TeraSteel Bistrita, one of the leaders in the sandwich panel market, ie 2.2 million sqm/year, and similar machinery. TeraSteel Serbia will mainly serve countries such as Serbia, Bulgaria, Macedonia, Bosnia, Croatia and Montenegro, as well as secondary markets such as Hungary, southern Romania and northern Greece. Sandwich panels are used to build industrial constructions such as halls, warehouses, shopping centers and cold storeges.

“Leskovac once again showed that it is an great city to attract investment, proof that our Romanian friends chose to open a factory here. A satisfied investor will always attract other potential investors, so we will ensure that TeraSteel will benefit from all the necessary conditions for efficient doing business in our city, “said Goran Cvetanovic, Mayor of Leskovac.

In June 2017, Teraplast Group bought with EUR 4.3 million the manufacturer of sandwich panels Interlemind from Serbia. The plant will benefit by the end of this year from EUR 2.7 million in development and a working capital of EUR 4 million.

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