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The Botanical Garden in Bucharest to host the “ShortsUP Picnic” event

The fourth edition of “ShortsUP Picnic” is due at the Botanical Garden in Bucharest on Thursday and Friday, while “The ShortsUP Great Picnic” is scheduled at the same venue on Saturday and Sunday in an event bringing the awarded shorts in the open air.

The inflatable screen hanging on the trees will allow movie lovers to see short films gathered from around the world, telling stories about the present, about people changing the world, about freedom and escape and possible worlds: more than four hours of fiction, comedies and animations available while having a picnic.

The Great Picnic will also host music, multimedia performances, games and interactive workshops and also a food court with urban flavors and original gastronomies.

The Botanical Garden’s mysteries could be also discovered in a guided tour and the most beautiful green spots of the garden will be valorized by a video-mapping, an interactive installation, a jazz concert and cooking workshops for children.

The Great Picnic is hosted by the Italian Garden, the widest meadow of the Botanical Garden.

The access is allowed starting 6 p.m. and the films will run on Saturday and Sunday after dawn, from 21:00 to 23:30.

Spectators are asked to come fully equipped with blankets and picnic equipment. If the weather is whimsical the event will be re-scheduled in the next weekend, July 5-6.

The programme of the event is available at www.shortsup.ro.

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