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Trade unions take to the streets on October 4 over anger at social contributions payment

“Cartel Alfa” trade union confederation announced on Wednesday that it would picket the prefecture offices during September 25-29 in every county and it would organize a protest meeting in Victoriei Square, Bucharest on October 4. Trade unionists are discontent with the Government’s intention to transfer the social taxes from the employer to the employee.

Cartel Alfa has several demands for the Executive, such as to block the transfer of the social tax payment from the employer to the employee and to amend the law 62/2011, to kick off negotiation and signing of the collective labour contracts at all levels.

Trade unionists argue that “the gov’t proposal to transfer social taxes from the employers to the employee represents a singular experiment, whose negative consequences will be (again) exclusively borne by the workers.”

The social contribution payment by the employee is not enforced in any EU country. On the contrary, in most of the countries, the quota paid by the employer is higher than the one paid by the workers, as companies also have a social responsibility. This distribution provides an equitable repartition of the economic growth between the capital and the workers, while the entire transfer of the social contributions to the workers will unfix this balance,” says Cartel Alfa.

More precisely, the trade unions claim that the main negative effects on the workers would be the decrease of the net incomes, the elimination of the employers’ social responsibility, the abolition of the unemployment fund and the decrease of the public pension system’s sustainability.

The protest meeting scheduled on October 4 is to start at 11:00.


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