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Tunnel of Love, one of the most romantic places in Romania on the list of EU ‘hidden treasures’

Tunnel of Love, an abandoned railway portion located between Otelul Rosu and Caransebe? has been included on the list of ‘Rediscover Europe’, 2014 Edition, carried out by the European Parliament.

Within the project ‘Rediscover Europe’, the European Parliament has published a list of 28 places in Europe where Romania ranks 19 for its romantic and mysterious scenery. So, Tunnel of love became one of the most romantic places in the country ranked by the European Parliament on the hidden treasures list in EU that is worth visiting.

More and more couples come here for photos full of romance, and photographers cannot get enough of this natural pearl, which is why a numerous applications have been submitted to local authorities for the promotion of Glimboca place because the tunnel isn’t very easy to locate. This natural wonder is located about halfway between Obreja and Glimboca.

More precisely, to get to the Tunnel of Love, one has to reach the villages of Obreja and Glimboca, 10 kilometers away from Caransebes.

The railway that connects Caransebes, Bautar and Subcetate is a secondary non-electrified railway in Romania; the route between Caransebes and Bautar was inaugurated on November 11, 1908, while the one between Bautar and Subcetate, on of May 1, 1909.

The local authorities of Glimboca intend to promote the ‘tunnel of love’ in terms of tourism. Moreover, it is increasingly looked up by both young married couples, for photo sessions, but for enthusiast photographers.

‘Discover Europe’ was launched in 2013 by using the mobile application Foursquare. The new list, now called ‘Rediscovering Europe’, includes sights that you probably have never heard of.

The list includes the Morskie Oko Lake in Poland, an island in Ireland, an island in Greece, Louisiana Museum of Modern Art from Denmark, Lappeenranta Soikoon sand castle in Finland, San Blas Beach from Gozo Island, Hallerbos Woods in Belgium, and the Hungarian Gyulai castle, among others.

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