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Two Brazilians, caught with 2 kilos of cocaine in the stomach on the Otopeni Airport

Two Brazilian citizens, a man and a woman, have been exposed by the Romanian border policemen on Henri Coanda/Otopeni Airport in Bucharest with two kilos of cocaine ingested in their stomachs.

The Directorate for the Investigation of Organized Crime and Terrorism (DIICOT) said that 41-year-old Rodrigues Gomes Verice and 19-year-old Lourenco Da Silva Weslley had been taken into custody for drug trafficking.

The two arrived in Romania on the Henri Coanda Airport in Bucharest on November 10, at 15:10hrs, travelling on the route Sao Paolo (Brazil)- Zurich (Switzerland)-Bucharest, together with another woman.

As there were suspected of carrying forbidden substances, the Brazilians were X-rayed, with the check revealing they have drugs in their stomach.

The prosecutors ordered medical check so that the Brazilians should eliminate the substances. Rodrigues Gomes Verice eliminated 15 white capsules in the first place, and other 99 capsules at the Floreasca Hospital. She had swallowed 114 capsules containing 1,537 grams of cocaine.

In his turn, the other Brazilian citizen, Lourenco Da Silva Weslley eliminated 43 white capsules containing 426.5 grams of cocaine.

Investigations disclosed that the defendants wanted to take the drugs in Instabul by coach. The two are on remand, with a pending court ruling for 30-day arrest warrant.

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