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Update: Hundreds of thousands people protest for the third day in a row against Gov’t

People took to the streets again in Bucharest and most cities on Thursday night, for the third day in a  row against the Gov’t obstination to stick to the intention to amend major provisions of the criminal law.

At this hour there were over 80,000 in the Victoriei Square in Bucharest, in front of the Gov’t building, with all roadways to the square being blocked, according to Digi24.

Over 200,000 people were coming out countrywide. Ample rallies were again staged in Timisoara- 15,000 people, Cluj-Napoca-25,000, Sibiu-12,000, Iasi-4,000, Brasov-8,000, Bacau-2,500, Oradea-1,000, Alba Iulia-2,200, Constanta-7,500, Galati-1,200, Craiova-1,000, Pitesti-3,000, Deva-1,000.

The slogans of the demonstrators got more and more diversified and original: “Ceausescu is not dead, is Dragnea masked“, “I refuse this abuse“, “Hands off DNA“, “You cannot buy all generations“, “Did you think I am not coming today? I took days off, goof“, “Abrogate and leave“, “One makes love at night, not corruption“, “Call art galleries“.

In Bucharest a man was taken out from the crowd after protesters claimed he would be an instigator. Another three persons were detained and taken to the police after they had been caught carrying firecrackers. They are reportedly supporters of the Dinamo football club.

Some protesters brought flowers to the gendarmes, shouting “The gendarmes are with us“. The Romanian Gendarmerie shared folders advising protesters how to stay away from aggressive persons and also urging them not to get involved: “Delimit from those who produce violence! Move away as soon as possible from the contact area between gendarmes and turbulent persons, especially if you came with children. Don’t try to stop them on your own. Turbulent people will try to hide in the crowd. Don’t let them and stat away as much as you can. Respect these guidelines. The Gendarmerie will act only against violences.”

Protesters started to sing the national anthem after 10 p.m.


To be continued…

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