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Update: PSD MP Catalin Radulescu says protesters in Victoria Square should be driven away with water cannons, receives death threats

PSD deputy of Arges, Catalin Radulescu, says in an interview for ‘Adevarul’ that the protesters in Piata Victoriei should be driven away with water cannons. Moreover, he says he has kept the AKM machine gun with which he fought in the Revolution and is ready to use it again: “Nobody will take it away from me and if anyone comes with any idea to transform this state for which we fought, I am ready to use my gun immediately.”

He claims people went to the street to protest, were manipulated and the water cannons should have been used to drive them away. “Why are these people coming to Piata Victoriei? We cannot turn this place into a waste land. Don’t they have a family, children? They were not here for an ordinance. Just to be fools in the market? They were manipulated. Many are in the street, being called on Facebook, being called on by the multinationals,” he said.

Catalin Radulescu, one of the MPs supporting the amendments to the criminal code, has a final sentence and lots of scandals – swearing at journalists, citizens, threatening the policemen who fined him for speeding.

During the Revolution, he was student in Timisoara. He took a gun and fired at the terrorists. “Why not fire? I was shooting randomly”. As reward he received indemnity for revolutionaries. In 1990 he had been the youngest MP – 27 years. In 1992 he quit politics and started businesses. For 20 years he managed a detergent plant, coffee factory, hotels in Mamaia resort, a construction company in Pitesti.

In 2012, Pitesti mayor Tudor Pendiuc supported him to get a PSD MP seat for Arges County. He was then sentenced on parole to one year and a half for trade deeds incompatible with the office of MP.

The Police will investigate the possession of weapons

The Police has notified ex officio on the statements made by Catalin Radulescu and will investigate if the possession of weapons is legal. Arges Police will conduct investigations. According to the law, the Police can request the deputy to present the mentioned weapons in the interview, to check them and eventually suspend his gun permit if necessary, digi24.ro informs.

MP Radulescu claims he received 150 death threats

Deputy Radulescu said on Tuesday, in parliament, that following his statements in the interview, he has received 150 death threats and he has contacted his lawyers and filed a criminal complaint so that the 150 suspects can be heard.

“Following the interview for ‘Adevarul’ I have received 150 death threats. Every person has his opinion, I haven’t threatened anyone, but I have received 150 death threats on Facebook. This morning I’ve contacted my lawyers. For death threats the criminal code reads that the sentence is of 3 to 5 years in jail,” Catalin Radulescu said, according to news.ro.

Referring to his weapons, he said: “I am a collector, I have guns, but I never fired in my life. The weapon I have at home I’ve bought it, I am a collector. I said it and I say it – if sometime communism, Stalinism, Nazism will return, or something else, I will take my gun in the street. During the Revolution I went in the street against the communist regime, I fought for freedom and human rights. During communism no one could have such an interview,” Radulescu said.



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