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Update: Sixth day of protests – 10,000 already in Victoriei Square, largest rally expected. Gov’t resignation requested

The protests against the ordinance 13 on amending the criminal codes continue on Sunday as in Bucharest and the country are expected the largest protests since they started on Tuesday after the government adopted the ordinance by midnight.

By 18.00h about 10,000 people were already in the square, accodring to digi24.ro.

The protesters in Victoriei Square chant ‘Resignation’, ‘Dragnea, don’t forget, Romania is not yours’.  Many of them are blowing vuvuzelas. Drivers passing through the square are honking in sign of support, hotnews.ro reports.

According to digi24.ro people are also chanting “we want to be heard, don’t lie anymore”, “We’re fed up with how much you stole” and “You’ve succeeded… you have united us!”

Dozens of students from Cluj-Napoca have arrived Sunday morning in Bucharest. They came by train for free, because in the night when issuing the ordinance the government also approved free train trips for students. “Cluj comes, Dragnea goes,” they shouted in the train station. They were greeted by their colleagues in Bucharest with coffee and tea.

In Victoriei Square has arrived a group of protesters from Buzau. “We have not necessarily come against the ordinance, we understood that it would be repealed, it is about the dignity of the Romanian people, they cannot trample us, we will come out whenever needed. The 1,000 people who took to the streets last night in Buzau are more than 100,000 in Bucharest, considering that Buzau is PSD’s stronghold,” said a 48 years old protester for hotnews.ro.

According to the announcements made on the Facebook page of the event on Sunday, at 20.00h, both at home and in the Diaspora, in the squares the national anthem will be sung, and an hour later “each participant to the rallies in all cities of the country and the Diaspora will turn their lights to the sky.”

As on Saturday, when a record participation was registered, in Bucharest in Piata Victoriei 170,000 people, while in the country took to the streets more than 300,000, on Sunday too are expected protesters across the country. Some of them have said they will come to Bucharest by cars, digi24.ro reports.

Pensioners counter-rally at Cotroceni

Pensioners gathered after noon on Sunday in front of Cotroceni Palace, in what seemed to be a PSD counter-rally, chanting slogans against President Klaus Iohannis. The number of protesters reached about 1,000 at 18.00h.

However, in a message posted on Facebook, PSD leader Liviu Dragnea said the rally is not organised by his party.

“The Social-democratic Party is not organising any rally today, or any public protest. The messages posted on social networks are not coming from PSD,” Dragnea wrote.

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