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What city in Romania attracts most foreign tourists?
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What city in Romania attracts most foreign tourists?

More and more tourists from the country, but also from Europe and the United States, include the Transylvania region in their holiday plans. Cluj-Napoca is the first city on the list. According to National Institute of Statistics (INS), the city from the heart of Transylvania ranks first in the top cities in Romania with the largest increase in the number of tourists in the first six months of the year, as digi24.ro informs.

More than 200,000 visitors arrived in Cluj-Napoca during January-June period, up by 28 percent than the same period last year. Growth is almost three times the national average. Most of the tourists are coming from France, Germany, Spain and Hungary.

”If last year we had more than 170,000 arrivals in Cluj for tourism, this year 218,000 were registered just in the first six months,” Oana Buzatu, spokesperson of Cluj-Napoca City Hall, stated.

More and more visitors have also decided to ask for guides to discover the city.

”There was a rather sharp increase of almost 51 percent of guides services in H1 year-on-year. There have been increases every month, but the highest increases of even 200 percent have started with April and have been maintained,” Marius Lazin, representative of the Tourist Information Center said.

Cluj is followed by Constanta and Iasi, where the number of tourists increased by 14 and 12 percent, respectively, compared to the first half of last year.

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