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Young woman with multiple sclerosis might lose her invalidity pension for she wrote poetry

Laura Florescu, a young woman diagnosed with multiple sclerosis, might lose her invalidity pension for she had also received RON 230 for releasing a poetry volume. The Labour ministry claims checks are under way to establish the situation.

Ioana is 37-year-old now and she was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis before turning 30.

I started receiving the invalidity pension in 2014. It was initially RON 300, then RON 450 and not it is RON 520. The state also gives me RON 39 as handicap aid. Since 2013 until 2016, I had a level II handicap. But now I came to live with five pareses. I smile only with half of my face,” she recounted.

The woman said she had written a poetry volume in 2015 and after the book was published she received RON 230. Recently, she received a note warning over her “illegal incomes”. “For publishing the book, they told me I had illegal incomes, for I have no right to work. I got RON 230 for the book. I don’t understand what they’re going to take from me, if they’ll cut my pension, or something will be cumulated. I have no idea what’s going on and no one can explain it to me for nobody has ever faced this. I get RON 520 from the state, plus the RON 39 handicap aid. My pills are not given by the state, cost EUR 7,000 per month. They are part of the national program sponsored by the hospital. If it hadn’t been for this program, we wouldn’t have talked now. The state has never taken care of me. Every time, they mock at me and ask me: who is the sick person? I don’t feel like fighting anymore,” the young woman added.

The case has got viral on the social media, stirring indignation among people.

After the case became public, USR deputy Tudor Pop announced it would notify the Labour and Health ministries, also contemplating to amend the law regarding the pensions and aids for the disabled people.



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