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10 Portuguese short films in the pipeline at NexT 2018

The 12th edition of the NexT International Film Festival will bring Portugal into the limelight, with two programmes offering 10 short films under the title “Focus Portugal”. The first programme, The Heart and the Body, will be screened on December 15, while the second one, On Politics, on December 16, both at 16:30 at the Peasant Museum Cinema in Bucharest.

Film producer Miguel Valverde, founder member and spotter of IndieLisboa Film Festival has picked up the films to be seen at NexT.  “A programme of Portuguese short films should consider two very important aspects: to reflect on the past (to pay tribute to the Portuguese grand masters) and to propose the future (to look to the new generations and to capture their freedom)”, said Valverde about selecting the short films.

The Heart and the Body selection includes young voices such as Leonor Teles (winner of the Golden Lion in Berlin in 2016 with Batrachian’s Ballad) or Jorge Jácome with Flores (the Great Prize at Hamburg Short Film Festival), while the On Politics comprises “reputable directors whose careers are still developing, such as Teresa Villaverde or Gabriel Abrantes”.

Miguel Valverde will be in Bucharest during the festival as curator of the two film programmes, but also as member of the jury for the two NexT competitions. The Portuguese cinema has become more and more present within festivals in the past years.

During the past edition of NexT in 2017, the “Cristian Nemescu” prize for the best director went to the Portuguese filmmaker Ico Costa, for the movie Nyo Vweta Nafta.

NexT International Film Festival will run during December 14-17. Tickets are available here.

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