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28 Romanians to run for local counselor positions in Belgium

Almost 30 Romanians are to run on the lists of Belgian parties at local elections scheduled on October 14, trying to get the positions of local councilors in several localities, including in Brussels.

The initiator of the DreptLaVot project, which encourages Romanians to vote in the Belgian elections, Ioana Banach, stated in a post on the website of the virtual community of Romanians in Belgium, Rombel, that, more than ever, Romanian citizens count in this election, given that in Brussels, for example, they represents 9% of the population, ziare.com informs.

“On October 14, there will be elections in Belgium, for local administrations. We, the Romanians of Belgium, have the right to vote in these elections, and more than ever, the Romanians count in these elections. Why should we care about the elections? We are over 70,000 in the country of which 40,000 live in Brussels, according to official statistics, not including Romanians who already have Belgian citizenship.”

According to her, 28 Romanians will run, 5 for local councilors’ positions in Molenbeek Saint Jean, 3 in Anderlecht, and 2 in Brussels.

Ioana Banach said that being a local counselor in Belgium is not a career, it is a passion that brings about EUR 100-200 per month.

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