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4.6pc unemployment rate in May

The unemployment rate in May was of 4.6%, higher for men by 0.9 percentage points as compared to women, the National Statistics Institute (INS) informs in Monday.

The number of unemployed (aged 15-74) was of 413,000, up against April (411,000), lower than in the same month last year (470,000).

By gender, men unemployment rate was by 0.9 percentage points higher than for women (5% against 4.1%).

For adults (25-74 years old) the unemployment rate was estimated to 3.7% in May 2018 (4.1% for men and 3.2% for women). The number of unemployed aged 25-74 represented 74.6% of the total number of unemployed in May 2018, INS informs.


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