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57yo British female writer settled down in Piatra Craiului hamlet

A 57-year-old British female writer came to visit Romania ten years ago and settled down here, charmed by a hamlet in the heart of “Piatra Craiului” National Park. Now, Arabella McIntyre-Brown is teaching English the Romanian kids from Măgura village in Brașov and in her turn, she is learning Romanian. She knows how to say bird, grass, clouds and mower in Romanian.

As a matter on fact she is in love with the Romanian landscape and nature. She recounts that she usually likes to admire Bucegi Mountains from the window of her study or from the bedroom or kitchen.

Arabella McIntyre-Brown is also impressed with the Romanians’ hospitality. She thinks the neighborhood concept, which is so present across Romanian small communities, is fantastic.

The writer, who has been born in southern England, takes pride in this outland and tells her friends about what makes her happy here. She also wrote in the UK media about this place. At the same time she is working on a book about Romania.

Arabella also recounts how she became billionaire. She says she bought the house in Măgura village for RON 1.3 billion, which meant about GBP 23,000, and for a weekend, she has actually been ‘billionaire’.


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