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7card founders invest EUR 100,000 on the co-working spaces market

Andrei Crețu and Iulian Cîrciumaru, co-founders of 7card & V7 Capital, are opening a co-working space in the heart of Bucharest (11 George Enescu street). V7 Startup Studio will be hosted in a two-storey 350-sqm attic located in a patrimony house dating back in 1893 and a mezzanine area.

The new space has a capacity of 50 seats and comes following a EUR 100,000 investment, in the attempt of supporting start-ups and to turn the place into a business incubator in the upcoming year.

The members enjoy flexible offices and access to meeting and conference rooms, Internet, a kitchen providing water, teas and coffee, storage or relaxation areas, a library and a printer. They will also have access to certain benefits provided in partnerships with the businesses hosted by the hub.

V7 Startup Studio has been designed as a modular space both in the attic and at the mezzanine to be able to host various types of events, from workshops, weekend classes, launches, pitching sessions or networking events.

Investors aim to organize 2-3 events every month for the community and to host around 6-8 events organized by other companies.

How can we make a space to be alive, creative and productive at the same time? We ended up creating a Startup Studio, as we like to call it, a place where you can gladly come to work every day, trying to scale a business next to other people as passionate as you. Anyone who has a motivation is welcome to work in this hub”, said Crețu, co-founder 7card and V7 Capital, the investment fund that is supporting businesses with potential.

The hub is providing monthly passes of EUR 220, but also half-day, full-day or ten days a month access, with prices starting from EUR 15. The hub is available 24/7 for the members who have a monthly pass.

Unlike other hubs on the market we are different through the input brought by Andrei and Iulian who will stand by other startups entrepreneurs, offering them mentorship or even investments,” said in his turn, Andrei Neacșu, community manager.

Tenants can be former corporate workers who decide to put their ideas into practice, who are connected to every novelty, but also freelancers, architects, lawyers, communications experts, designers, as well as tourists working remotely and who need a working space different from a hotel lobby or a café. Companies can also resort to the hub if they want to offer their employees several days outside their usual office and to provide them with the opportunity to escape from the daily routine in order to work in an unconventional space.

A third of the seats have been taken before the opening due to the high demand for this type of working places in Bucharest, especially from people who used to know us and who found themselves in our concept. We estimate to the investment made by the V7 Capital will be paid itself in about one year and a half. We hope to reach a turnover of EUR 100,000 for 2019,” said Iulian Cîrciumaru, co-founder  7card & V7 Capital.

There are 52 co-working spaces in Bucharest and 45 in other cities, most of them (13) in Cluj-Napoca. Ukraine had 99 such spaces, while the Czech Republic, Austria and Poland, 340 each.

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