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Lucian Netejoru gets second term to head the Judicial Inspectorate

Judge Lucian Netejoru, believed to be close to the Superior Council of Magistracy (CSM) chief Lia Savonea, has got a new term to lead the Judicial Inspectorate, following the contest organized by CSM. He has been the only candidate for ...

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Judicial Inspectorate chief, Lucian Netejoru, has plagiarized the PhD thesis – sources say

Judge Lucian Netejoru, Chief Inspector of the Judicial Inspectorate, has plagiarized almost all the contents of his doctoral thesis about Public Order and National Security, filed in 2010 to the Alexandru Ioan Cuza Police Academy in Bucharest, PressOne quoted by ...

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CSM issues negative opinion on the ordinance extending the term in office of Judicial Inspectorate chiefs

The Superior Council of Magistracy (CSM) plenary has issued a negative opinion regarding the draft bill regarding the Government Emergency Ordinance on extending the term in office of the Judicial Inspectorate chiefs, given that their term is over. The issuing ...

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Judicial Inspectorate releases protocol concluded with SRI in 2016

The Judicial Inspectorate (IJ) has released, on Tuesday, the cooperation protocol concluded in 2016 with the Romanian Intelligence Service (SRI). The Inspectorate claims that during the period when the protocol was in force, it didn’t request or send data and ...

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