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A quarter of the active cellars in Romania can support wine tourism

In Romania are more than 250 cellars but only 140 of them produce and sell bottled wine, and of these about a quarter can support wine tourism, according to CrameRomania.ro.

“The number of cellars in Romania is constantly growing with 5-10 units per year,” Alina Iancu founder of CrameRomania.ro and ReVino.ro said, adding: “Romania is currently the 5th in Europe in terms of area of over 200,000 hectares with cultivated vines and the 6th in the European Union in terms of production. We have growth potential and interest for both cellars and tourists, so that our country to have an increasingly larger development of local wine tourism, non-existent until a few years ago.”Alina_Iancu_1_

In Romania, the wine tourism has a significant development, helped by investments made in cellars and by customers’demand from for this type of personalized travel and focused to experiences.

The development potential is big, wine enthusiasts being attracted to visit the vineyards and cellars, to talk with oenologists and, not least, Romania’s beautiful landscape. Moreover, old mansions near vineyards that have been refurbished and converted into accommodation attract domestic and foreign tourists with their stories.

Cellars can be visited all year round, but landscapes are most attractive during April-October. A tourist has to pay around EUR 100 for a weekend of wine tasting, meals and accommodation, plus shipping costs.

Wine tourism, also known as Enotourism or Oenotourism, represents, more precisely, organized tours to cellars, presenting technological processes, visits to vineyards, guided wine tastings and cellars accommodations in or near them.

Enotourism is a relatively new form of tourism. Its history varies greatly from region to region, but in places such as the Napa Valley AVA, it saw heavy growth once a concerted marketing effort was implemented in 1975. There was also a rise in the profile of enotourism among English speakers with the 2004 release of the film, Sideways whose two central characters visit wineries and wine in the Santa Barbara region in southern California.

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