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A true treasure of nature, Vadu wild beach

Vadu is a village in the north-eastern part of Constanta County, near the seaside and Razim-Sinoe lagoon, 15 kilometers away from Navodari. Administratively it belongs to Corbu village and in the past it used to be called Caraharman. At the 2002 census the population numbered 704 inhabitants.

Vadu is still a virgin beach on the Romanian seaside, a huge tongue of sand and sometimes granular with waters, free of algae and trash. At Vadu, the sea is extremely clean and suitable even for kids, it is not very deep, is close to the shore and the sand goes smoothly into the water.

Being part of the Danube Delta Biosphere Reserve, access by car or camping in Vadu beach is prohibited and is punishable by fine. So, everyone who wants to camp here have to pay RON 10 for each car per day and RON 5 per person. On the beach at Vadu there is no tourism development, no salesman and no recreational vessel won’t disturb the wild landscape of the 15 kilometers narrow and long beach. Most of the tourists who come to spend their holiday in Vadu sleep in tents, as the village has few accommodations.

Given that the area isn’t a tourist destination, authorities decided to mount the warnings and signaling panels for reservation’s limits and panels with information about the conditions of access to the area. There shall be some parking areas for cars and barriers will be placed so that activities on the beach area to be made only terrestrial.

Once you’re here you have to taste the local food at the Vadu Fishery (Vadu Pescarilor).

Vadu, Corbu, Sulina and Saint Gheorghe beaches are part of the Danube Delta Biosphere Reserve, the largest reserve of wetlands in Europe. Except Sulina Beach, where investments in modernization were made, the other three beaches are preserved.

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