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Access rules for the Schoenbrunn Palace Orchestra Vienna Christmas concert

Access rules for the Schoenbrunn Palace Orchestra Vienna Christmas concert

SCHOENBRUNN PALACE ORCHESTRA VIENNA extraordinary concert will make a new stop at Sala Palatului in Bucharest on Friday, December 23, an elegant gift to get you closer to the magic of Christmas.

All people possessing a valid ticket or an invitation are asked to read the following rules for the concert.

According to the organizers from the German Quality Entertainment, Astra Nova Security will provide the security assistance during the concert, while firefighter and Red Cross teams will be also deployed inside the concert hall.

The concert wil have a break around 9 p.m., from 15 to 20 minutes.

Spectators are asked to come to the concert as of 7 p.m. to avoid overcrowding at the entrace and not to miss the show start.

Children under 7 have free access if they sit on their parents seats and if they present a paper to prove his age at the entrance.

Some things are banned in the concert hall: fireworks and lasers, any type of cans, plastic or glass bottles or drink bottles, banners on sticks, sprays, chairs, arms, umbrellas, alcoholic drinks, food, pets, hallucinogen drugs, large bags, chains, removable-lens professional cameras, audio-video recording devices, tablets or GoPro devices.

All spectators are asked to permanently keep their tickets, invitations. After entering, they cannot leave the concert hall. The audience is also asked to keep silence not to disturb the artist and the other spectators.

Telephones should be on silent mode or vibrations. Photo shooting or video recording is not recommended.

Accredited photographers will be able to take photos for the first 15 minutes of the show in front of the stage, shooting after that is FORBIDDEN.

Customized invitations will be available at gate 9, while press accreditations at gate 10.

The ticket is RON 199 and can be bought on the day of the event at the venue’s booking office. The Romania Journal is media partner of the event.

Italian-born baritone Marco Di Sapia will be the newest musician to tread the boards in Bucharest next to young soprano Milena Arkovska, to join the famous Schoenbrunn Palace Orchestra Vienna conducted by Guido Mancuso.

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