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Access rules for the Smurfs Live on Stage show this Sunday

The beloved blue dwarfs introducing children in the wonderful world of smurfs are ready to meet the little ones at Sala Palatului in Bucharest on Sunday, October 15, as of 7 p.m. The event will end around 9:30 p.m.

All people possessing a valid ticket or invitation are kindly asked to read the following access rules to attend the show.

Spectators are asked to arrive on the venue starting 17:45hrs. Children under 3 have free access if the following conditions are met: parents present the child’s ID paper attesting his or her age at the entrance; parents will hold children in their arms; the organizers don’t take the responsibility of watching children; children older than 3 will have to have a valid ticket to attend the show.Hc-700x420

Some things are banned in the concert hall: fireworks and lasers, any type of cans, plastic or glass bottles or drink bottles, banners on sticks, sprays, chairs, arms, umbrellas, alcoholic drinks, food, pets, hallucinogen drugs, large bags, chains, removable-lens professional cameras, audio-video recording devices, tablets or GoPro devices.

All spectators are asked to permanently keep their tickets, invitations. After entering, they cannot leave the concert hall. The audience is also asked to keep silence not to disturb the artist and the other spectators.

Telephones should be on silent mode or vibrations. Photo shooting or video recording is not recommended.

Accredited photographers are required not to disturb the audience. The official photographer of the event is the only one allowed to take photos all through the concert.

Customized invitations will be available at gate 9, while press accreditations at gate 10.

The ticket prices range from RON 59 to RON 249 and will be also available on the day of the show at Sala Palatului’s booking office.

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