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Photo: Romanian Government

Albanian PM asks again Romania to recognize Kosovo’s independence

Prime Minister of Albania, Edi Rama asked again Bucharest to recognize Kosovo’s independence, arguing that solving this issue will ensure regional stability and will blur certain “tendencies and frustrations of other neighboring countries.”

“I keep coming with the request to recognize Kosovo as an independent state and I also ask Romania to offer permanent support for this country to become member of this family union. We strongly believe that Kosovo recognition is not a bilateral issue, but a joint matter concerning all of us in the support of ensuring regional security, but also in order to blur certain tendencies and frustrations coming from other neighboring countries,” Edi Rama stated on Friday in Bucharest, after meeting Romanian PM Victor Ponta.

Albanian PM asked the same thing during his previous visit to Romania, in November 2013. In the summer of the same year, PM Ponta had stated that Romania must recognize Kosovo’s independence, but in October 2013, Ponta told Joe Biden during a visit to Washington that “nothing will happen” in 2014 regarding Kosovo’s recognition, but that Romania will have a position in compliance with the international partners in 2015.

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