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ALDE’s Tariceanu says party not needing reshuffling. Five mandates targeted at European election

ALDE Chairman, Calin Popescu Tariceanu, says he has discussed with PSD leader, Liviu Dragnea, about the Government reshuffling, and that his party will not replace ministers.

“We have discussed. ALDE will not reshuffle anyone,” Tariceanu said on Friday while in Bistrita, western Romania.

Asked is PSD want the Energy Ministry portfolio, currently led my ALDE’s Anton Anton, Tariceanu said: “I haven’t heard this subject. We had no discussions on this issue, every party’s does its own assessment on ministers.”

Tariceanu said that the ALDE ministers’ overall activity is satisfactory, following the party analysis, ziare.com reports.

“I can never say that everything is going perfect, not about my colleagues and not about me. Every one of us can do things better of more, but as a whole their activity was considered as being satisfactory. We have conducted an assessment on objectives, on their activity. My colleagues and I had observations in order to improve the performance,” Tariceanu also said.

PSD leader, Liviu Dragnea, said on Wednesday there are ‘zero chances’ not to conduct a Government reshuffling. Asked when the reshuffling will take place, Dragnea said “after Mrs. Prime Minister returns from the official visits, together we’ll decide on the date for Executive Committee’s sitting.”

Decisions on European elections, not this year

Tariceanu also said that he hasn’t discussed lately about common or separate lists with PSD to the European elections.

“We will have our own candidates, we will decide if we run alone or on common lists. But not this year,” the ALDE leader said.

Tariceanu said he has discussed with Norica Nicolai and Renate Weber and he is glad they intend to run again for MEP positions.

Other ALDE politicians who might run are Daniel Barbu and Ovidiu Silaghi.

Asked how many mandates ALDE is targeting at the European elections, Tariceanu said: “It depends how they will be shared. Out target is to get 15% of votes, meaning 5 mandates, by redistribution we could get 6 mandates.”


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