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Alina Grigoras

Alina Grigoras, Editor-in-Chief I have been editor-in-chief at the Romanian Journal for almost 7 years and in the Romanian and English-based news editing for more than 20 years, mostly reporting for the Politics and Society columns. I graduated in journalism in 2000, having worked as a print editor since then. Print and radio correspondent during college days. BA degree in journalism and MA in advertising. The expertise in both print and online has allowed me to learn both sides of content and I am still learning and improving myself... I am a keen observer of reality, favoring strong interpersonal communication, I define myself more like a colleague rather than a chief and a fan of brainstorming and team work. Passionate about reading, writing, storytelling, psychology and traveling. Published author (“Scufia cu Vise” book for children, published in 2014).