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Anca Bernovici

Anca Bernovici I started my way in life with the intention to pursue a teaching career. But, after graduating from the Faculty of Letters – the University of Bucharest in 2004, my first job as a reporter at one of the leading newspapers in Romania changed my perspective. I have specialized in communication and communication campaigns, following the Master's courses at the Faculty of Journalism and Communication Studies (FJSC), attending a BBC Communications scholarship. I’ve represented several important publications in Romania as business journalist, being accredited in the finance and banking field. In 2015, I had the opportunity to interview the International Monetary Fund (IMF) Mission Chief for Romania, Andrea Schaechter. As business journalist, I also had the opportunity to interview ministers for Economics and Commercial Affairs offices within different embassies in Romania or officials of large companies investing on the domestic market. After almost 15 years of journalism, I still want to explore new ways, to inform and stay updated. That’s why The Romania Journal project fits me so well. Today I describe myself as a passionate about the history of world culture, having a PhD in Hebrew Culture and Civilization, after a scholarship at the University of Haifa International School, as a language addict, an environmental activist, pet lover and traveler.