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Victor Lupu

Victor Lupu I am in late 50s, great age to become a philosopher! Yet, I am doing my job in journalism, trying to deliver clear and accurate information to our readers, be them expats in Romania or people living abroad and interested in the developments taking place here. I worked for several important newspapers, attended a Reuters scholarship, had collaborations with Al-Jazeera and Intelstrat. As journalist, I had the opportunity to interview several Romanian ministers and the NATO Secretary General at the time Javier Solana. Anyway, these are old stories, currently I focus on this news website and, together with my colleagues, I do my best to achieve our goals. I hope most of our readers will continue to access our website. Keep in touch with Romanian realities! Several rounds of elections are ahead, the courts are expected to deliver some important rulings that may change the entire domestic spectrum. We’ll be here to keep you informed!