2014, the 2nd year when Romania records surplus in agri-food trade

Romania’s exports of agri-food products stood to EUR 5.4 billion last year, up by 6.1 percent compared to 2013, exceeding imports by EUR 514 million, amounting to about EUR 4.9 billion. So, 2014 is the second year in a row with a positive balance as regards the Romanian agri-food trade.

This is an uptrend by about 60 percent as against the EUR 324.9 million positive balance Romania had reported at end-2013.

These good results were also remarked by the European Commissioner for Agriculture and Rural Development, Phil Hogan on the occasion of the visit he paid to Bucharest.

„(…) Romania becomes a player more and more important on the European market, in particular in cereals’ sector. Now we have to make the next step, to integrate all of this yield and export more processed goods in the future, and the European funds of the future Rural Development National Programme (PNDR) 2014-2020 will go with priority in this direction,” Agriculture and Rural Development minister, Daniel Constantin said on Sunday, according to Agerpres.

Romania has exported in 2014 agri-food products counting for EUR 5.409 billion, by EUR 311.5 million more than in the previous year (+6.1 percent), while its imports, accounting for EUR 4.895 billion have grew slower, exceeding by 2.6 percent the value of 2013.

The European Union was the main agricultural partner of Romania in its agri-trade on 2014, the deliveries of agrifoodstuffs to this destination accounting for 61 percent (58.4 percent in 2013), and the acquisitions from the EU member states reaching 81.4 percent (80.9 percent in 2013).

The main agrifoodstuffs exported in 2014 were: wheat (almost 5 million tons for EUR 959.4 million), maize (3.7 million tons for EUR 755.1 million), cigarettes, sunflower seeds and oil, rapeseed seeds, barley, livestock of sheep/goats and bovines, poultry meat.


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