5 pc gender pay gap in Romania, well below the EU level

Romania posts a gender pay gap of 5 percent, well below the threshold set at EU level – 16.3 percent, according to a study conducted by Smartree.

One of the discriminatory elements in local recruitment processes is the age, which is why the percentage of employees over 55 years old is only 40 percent, compared to 55 percent in the European Union.

“We find that more and more employers in Romania are objective in terms of salary differences, relying on professionalism and respect for ethical principles. The trend is supported in this context also by the new generation of employees, who negotiate their work contract by principles other than their predecessors,” reads the document.

Therefore, the wage differences tend to be lower or almost non-existent for young people aged up to 35, as well as those entering the labor market, HR specialists note.

Romania is one of the few countries in the EU where women’s employment rate has fallen slightly since 2000, stabilizing around 58 percent, compared to 75 percent of male employees, rising over the last 5 years.

Although lately women are more visible professionally speaking, from the entrepreneurial environment to the top management of large corporations, men are still more promoted than women and, therefore, better paid. At EU level, less than 6 percent of CEOs are women. One of the areas where women are least involved in leadership positions, the percentage being considerably in favor of men, is the political environment.

HR specialists appreciate that there are still local subjective employers who include discriminatory elements in the recruitment processes such as age, certain degrees of disability, ethnicity, and nationality in some areas of the country.


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