Agista supports Centrokinetic in opening 3 new clinics

The growth investment fund Agista has guided the medical recovery clinic network Centrokinetic to successfully finalize the acquisition of the 2 KineticPlus clinics in Brașov and the opening of a new clinic in the Dristor area of the capital. Following these transactions, the Centrokinetic network expands to 7 units.

The announcement comes shortly after the launch of the first Centrokinetic clinic outside Bucharest, in Cluj-Napoca, in early December of last year. Agists entered Centrokinetic’s shareholding, acquiring a stake of over 30% in the summer of 2023, with the clear goal of supporting the development of the clinic network and helping it expand by at least 10 clinics in the next four years. Since then, the Centrokinetic network has already grown by 4 clinics in less than half a year.

“A year ago, when I had the first discussion with AGISTA, I couldn’t imagine that we would be able to develop at such a rapid and steady pace. As the founder of this business, I feel much more confident now to make bold moves that propel the company forward. AGISTA has proven to be more than a financial instrument promising capital for my business; it is a partner with whom I can consult whenever I feel the need for guidance. With this support, I can now focus more on the medical aspect and improving the quality of our services. Therefore, I can say that I probably made a very good decision when I accepted this partnership,” says Bogdan Andrei, founder and Medical Director of Centrokinetic.

“This is a significant milestone for us and we are thrilled to see traction in the Centrokinetic project. Following the opening of the clinic in Cluj-Napoca, we are now launching the fourth clinic in Bucharest and acquiring the KineticPlus clinics in a short timeframe. We are pleased to have played a role in facilitating this M&A transaction and providing support throughout the entire acquisition process, from analyzing the local recovery market in Brașov to structuring the deal, negotiations, documentation and even strengthening the local team,” stated Dragoș Dărăbuț, Senior Investment Manager at Agista.

Centrokinetic Acquires the Majority Stake in KineticPlus Clinics in Brașov

To facilitate this transaction, Agista initiated an in-depth analysis of the medical recovery market in Brașov, examining the competitive landscape of companies and major healthcare service networks providing recovery services.

The next phase involves integration, where Centrokinetic will focus on improving medical processes and equipment, strengthening the local team by adding specialized recovery doctors, and contributing to an organizational culture that prioritizes service quality, embodies strong values such as professionalism and fosters respect for the medical team, patients and the medical process.

“KineticPlus clinics have been providing premium medical recovery services to their clients for a long time. Through our partnership with Centrokinetic, we aim to elevate our development to the next level and provide even better services to our clients. We trust the Centrokinetic and AGISTA teams and we believe that the teams we have formed and nurtured in Brașov will continue to excel,” stated Andrei Gheorghiu, the founder of KineticPlus clinics.

“We are thrilled to announce the successful opening of a new clinic in Bucharest, and I would like to express my gratitude to the team for their dedicated efforts in recent times. Centrokinetic’s business has doubled in the last six months since partnering with AGISTA, and we are delighted by this achievement. The upcoming period will focus on consolidation, integrating the new clinics and enhancing internal systems. Following this, we will proceed with the continued expansion of the Centrokinetic national network,” stated Adrian Pavelescu, CEO of Centrokinetic.

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