All Romania’s energy resources are increasing, excepting the wind one

During January – November 2014, the Romania’s primary energy resources increased by 2.4 percent, while those of electric energy increased, as compared to the same period of previous year, by 8.6 percent. The main primary energy resources during this period, amounted to 29329.81 thousand tonnes oil equivalent (toe), increasing by 689.6 thousand toe as against the same period from the previous year, National Institute of Statistics (INS) data show.

Domestic production amounted to 20073.5 thousand toe, increasing by 0.6 percent as against the same period of previous year, while imports amounted to 9256.3 thousand toe, increasing by 6.6 percent.

During this period, electric energy resources amounted to 58201.9 million KWh, increasing by 4633.6 million KWh (+8.6 percent) as against the corresponding period of 2013. The increase of electric energy resources was mainly due to increased domestic production, of 4445.7 million KWh (+8.4 percent).

The thermal power stations production amounted to 24070.8 million KWh increasing by 130.6 million KWh (+0.5 percent). The hydroelectric power stations production was 17401 million KWh increasing by 3437 million kWh (+24.6 percent), while the production of nuclear power stations was 10686 million KWh increasing by 72.2 million kWh (+0.7 percent).

The production of wind power stations during January – November 2014 was 4167.5 million KWh decreasing by 42.3 million KWh and photovoltaic solar energy produced during this period was 1258.3 million KWh increasing by 848.2 million KWh, as against the same period of previous year.

The final consumption of electric energy in national economy during this period was 45323.9 million KWh, by 0.1 percent lower than the corresponding period of 2013; public lighting decreased by 25.4 percent, while population consumption decreased by 0.7 percent.

The exports of electric energy amounted to 7154 million KWh increasing by 5195.3 million KWh.

The own technological consumption in networks and stations amounted to 5724.0 million KWh decreasing by 122.3 million KWh, by 2.1 percent, respectively.

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