AmCham hails the Romanian Agency for Investments and Trade

The American Chamber of Commerce in Romania (AmCham Romania) welcomed the decision to set up a Romanian Agency for Investments and Trade and expresses its confidence for a swift operationalization of this structure, in an institutional architecture that will ensures a positive impact similar to that in the countries where it such agency works successfully.

In the context of a growing investor appetite for our country and to capitalize on the trend of relocating industrial capacities closer to consumer markets, Romania needs a solid and professional agency, adequate for maintaining and attracting capital and economic activities with high added value.

The decision to create an investment agency is very good news for the investors’ community and an important step ahead for attracting new investments. Romania needed a “one stop shop” for investments, the unique platform to ensure the dialogue with investors and respond to their needs. Whether they have already chosen our country and plan to expand or are just analyzing the opportunities, all investors will be interested in the extent to which Romania ensures a fair framework, transparency, predictability, and competitive market conditions. In addition, the incorporation of the export dimension in this agency indicates a commitment towards balancing Romania’s trade exchanges, which is clearly beneficial for the economy,” pointed out Ionuț Simion, AmCham Romania President (photo).

In the mid to long term, the Romanian Agency for Investments and Trade is a necessary step towards the objective of changing Romania’s consumption based economic model with one focusing on investments as a vector for a sustainable and balanced economic development, through economic policies building competitiveness and the systematic development of capital in all its forms.

“As we have been advocating for many years for a large-scale investment agency, matching Romania’s needs and opportunities, AmCham actively engaged during the consultation stage and facilitated access to investment agencies with outstanding results in attracting capital, such the Czech and Irish ones, which we believe to be worth replicating models for the next stage of operationalizing the Investment Agency in Romania. Setting up the Agency is only the first step in positioning Romania on the global investment map, and the measure of its success and ours, as a country, will depend, among others, on a coherent strategy implemented by professionals,” stated Letitia Pupăzeanu, the Executive Director of AmCham Romania.

AmCham Romania said will continue to support efforts to strengthen Romania’s capacity to build a competitive investment offer and to provide a functional, modern and efficient framework for attracting and expanding investments.

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