Amid inflation, Romanians more and more dissatisfied with their current salary

In early 2023, candidates were cautious in their applications and focused on job stability, influenced by signs of a possible recession. Over time, however, the pace of new job searches and applications accelerated, exceeding by 23% the number of applications from the second half of 2022. Thus, in the first semester of the current year, every candidate sent their CV, in average, at 6 employers per month, according to the bestjobs recruitment platform data, mainly following the opportunities with the displayed salary.

“Despite the economic uncertainties, candidates took courage and continued to look for work opportunities that are more suitable for them, in terms of development possibilities and salary offer. 2 out of 3 Romanian employees declared in a recent survey that they are not satisfied with their current salary, which is why they are mobilizing to find a new, better-paid job, and that is precisely why ads with #SalariuLaVedere attract the most many applications. In addition, employers who offer development opportunities, in the form of internal trainings or specialization courses, had more to gain this semester, attracting the right candidates more easily“, says Ana Vișian, Marketing Manager of bestjobs.

Almost 20% of all candidates in the first six months of this year were in the 18-24 year old category, young people who mainly apply for internships or entry-level jobs in Sales, Marketing and BPO. This category of candidates is attracted by opportunities for learning and development, while candidates with a higher level of experience (35-54 years) are particularly interested in job security and flexible arrangements. Candidates over the age of 55 value the impact of their work and the appreciation of their bosses, and are also the ones who most often face age discrimination in job interviews, according to a recent survey.

In addition to salary and career development, candidates also want flexibility from employers. Thus, more than 20% of the total monthly applications go to remote jobs, while their offer decreased from 12% last year to 9% this year.

The largest job offer this semester was found in Bucharest and Ilfov (31% of all jobs on bestjobs), Timiș (10%), Cluj (7%), Brașov (6%) and Iași (5%) ). These are also the counties that attracted the most candidates, especially for roles in Sales (22%), Management (13%), Finance/Accounting (9%), IT/Telecom (8%) and Call Center/Customer Service (7%).

Retail companies lead the list of employers with the most CVs received on the platform in this first half of the year, with Lidl, Profi and ENEL at the top.

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