ANCOM imposed fines of almost 90,000 RON in H1

National Authority for Management and Regulation in Communications (ANCOM) conducted 2,140 inspections on the market of electronic communications and postal services in Romania in the first half of 2016, to verify to what extent the players on the field fulfill their legal obligations.

“As a result of the checks, ANCOM inspectors sent 106 notifications and applied 268 warnings and 26 fines totaling RON 88,750”, Cristin Popa, Director of Executive Directorate for Monitoring and Control of the ANCOM said, a press release informs.

About one quarter of all control actions were carried out on radio equipment and telecommunications terminal market where ANCOM has applied 117 warnings and most of the fines were applied this first part of the year – 19, totaling RON 52,000.

The highest fines, RON 5,000 each, were applied to INTERTOY ZONE SRL and ELECTRO DISTRIBUTION SRL for the lack of ‘EC’ marking on traded products.

On the electronic communications market, ANCOM conducted almost 1,500 control actions in H1 after which 106 notices were sent to the offenders, 142 warnings and four fines were applied, totaling RON 30,000.

Fixed and mobile services were subject to 90 checks, six notices and 21 warnings were sent. ANCOM has also applied two fines of RON 10,000 each, both to RCS & RDS for refusing to port a number under subscription to operate under prepaid system to another network and for not informing correctly and thoroughly the users on applicable tariffs for sending surcharged SMSs to shortcodes.


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