ANIS will train specialists in AI, Machine Learning, Scrum & Agile

In the context of specialists shortage in the tech industry, but also of the growing impact that new technologies are expected to have on the entire economy, ANIS, the Employers’ Association of the Software and Services Industry, decided to expand its trainings program portfolio with new courses and will prepare specialists in Artificial Intelligence (AI), Machine Learning (ML), Scrum & Agile. The new professional training programs complement the portfolio of ISTQB courses and exams for which ANIS has been an accredited provider for over 10 years.

The Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning courses will be organized in partnership with Bittnet Training and are addressed both to beginners, but also to those who are at an intermediate level. Curricula will cover:

  • Artificial Intelligence Essentials
  • AI Product Owner
  • Machine Learning Fundamentals
  • MLOps: Deploying ML Solutions (intermmediate level)
  • Secure ChatGPT
  • Basics of ChatGPT Development & Automation

The Scrum & Agile courses will train future experts in product development management (Professional Scrum Product Owner), but also team leaders or managers who will better understand their role in an agile company and better manage processes to increase the efficiency of the entire organization (with the help of the Professional Agile Leadership Essentials and Professional Scrum Master courses). Participants can consult Association’s courses calendar on the website and can sign-in to any of them by sending an email to

“Employers and employers’ organizations are the main vectors of professional training in Romania. According to a Concordia report, 57% of those who participated in a course in the last year followed a training session organized by the company where they are employed or by an employers’ association. Continuous learning is the only way we will be able to keep up with the digital transformation of all economic sectors, one of the important sources of maintaining the competitiveness of the local economy”, says Corina Vasile, ANIS executive director.

Currently, however, as the same report points out (“Participation in continuing education programs in Romania”/CP Concordia) only 28.5% of active Romanians have participated in professional training courses at the workplace in the last 12 months and 21, 5% outside of work, in free time. Corroborate all these data with the fact that, in Romania, 50-54% of working time is allocated to tasks that could be automated, according to “Trends Shaping the Future of Work”, investment in continuing education is a real necessity.

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