Annual Digitalization Infographic for Romania in 2023: Projects worth EUR 14.5 M

Softlead, a marketplace platform in Romania that helps companies choose the right software solution based on their Digital DNA, launched the annual infographic indicating the appetite for digitalization among companies in Romania. The information reflects interest in software acquisitions for the year 2023.

In 2023, over 2000 companies requested a digitalization service quote through Softlead, while several hundred used the platform to discover their Digital DNA, defined as a comprehensive report indicating the current level of digitalization, suitable types of software solutions, providers, budgets, and essential steps in the IT acquisition process.

In 2023, the total value of software projects on the platform exceeded 14.3 million euros, which means a double value compared to the previous year. Also, the number of software acquisition quotation requests increased by 24% compared to 2022.

“2023 brought more dynamics to the digitalization requirements generated through the Softlead platform. Consequently, we tracked complex digital transformation projects for large and very large companies, observed an increase in the number of SMEs from various industries showing openness to software acquisitions, and, most importantly, witnessed a greater diversity in the types of IT solutions that companies increasingly need. There are also some constants in platform activity, such as the fact that in over 80% of situations, those responsible for the digitalization process are individuals in top and middle management,” said Alexandra Roată, Co-Founder Softlead.

The largest digitalization project generated through the Softlead platform came from an energy sector company (with a turnover of over 955 million euros) and had a value of 230,000 euros. The targeted software solution was a dedicated document management application.

Depending on the complexity of the digitalization project and the type of chosen software application, the acquisition process can have an average duration of 30 days. However, the fastest signing of a contract through Softlead was within 24 hours, for an electronic signature solution requested by a construction industry company.

According to data, in 2023, most companies in need of guidance in choosing the right software application are SMEs. Thus, over 51% of companies that used the platform had turnovers of up to 500,000 euros in the previous year, while over 13% had revenues of over 5 million euros.

Enterprise software applications, such as Customer Relationship Management (CRM), Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), or Document Management, were at the top of priorities in the context of digitalization in 2023. The novelty was brought by Robotic Process Automation (RPA) software solutions, which show a year-on-year growth, driven by eligibility for financing through European funds and the increasing awareness of the benefits provided.

Data also revealed that 35.46% of quotation requests included integrations with other software applications. In 86.33% of the requests sent by companies, they did not have an IT solution dedicated to the digitalization of the targeted business processes, while 13.67% of beneficiaries planned to replace existing software applications with more advanced ones.

In 2023, sectors indicating a high appetite for investments in digitalization were services (18.8%), the medical industry (13%), manufacturing (12.3%), construction (11.8%), and the financial sector (9.4%).

From the perspective of the periods in which most quotation requests were recorded, January, March, and November received the most requests.

According to data, in 2023, 67.7% of companies that requested a quote through the platform relied on their own funds to finance the digital transformation process, while the rest relied on European funds.

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