Austria’s Rosendahl invests EUR 3.5 M in Satu Mare

Austria-based Rosendahl, part of Knill Gruppe, builds a new production unit in Satu Mare, following an investment of EUR 3.5 million, local media informs. The investment will bring with it 75 new jobs.

The new hall will cover 2,600 sqm of construction and will serve the latest painting and sandblasting technologies, as well as for the production of machinery for batteries. The company also is manufacturing cables and optical fibers.

“Currently, we have 125 employees in Satu Mare and last year’s sales amounted to EUR 5.2 million, with this year’s target to reach EUR 7.2 million,” Rosendahl officials stated, adding: “Although the company’s main competition at the global level manufactures in China and other countries with cheap labor, Rosendahl is committed to keeping production exclusively in Europe.”

However, the manufacturer is more advanced in the construction works than the project envisaged.

Completion of the investment is expected for July 2018.


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