Babis Mazarakis denies discussions on Vodafone Romania intending to buy Telekom Mobile

The head of Telekom Mobile denied on Wednesday that he had any discussions with Vodafone or Competition Council officials ​about Vodafone Romania intending to buy Telekom Mobile.

Government sources told on Wednesday that Vodafone Romania would like to buy Telekom Mobile, and the managers and lawyers of the two operators have discussed several times, in recent months, with the representatives of the Competition Council. Yet a transaction has not yet been notified to the authority.

Asked if he allowed a technical audit by Vodafone in July of this year or if there were discussions with the officials of the Competition Council in this year on the subject of the possible sale of operations in Romania, Babis Mazarakis (photo), the general director of Telekom Mobile, denied.

“We have not had any discussions previously this year with Vodafone or anyone else. What will happen in the future? Who knows?” Babis Mazarakis said on Wednesday.

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  • Panagiotis Spyridis

    It should never be allowed by the Competition Counsel but wherever there is smoke, there is a fire somewhere.