Baneasa airport might be re-opened in two years

Baneasa Airport might be re-opened for commercial traffic in less than two years, the spokesperson of the Bucharest Airports National Company, Valentin Iordache vowed.

The company’s official said the the two-year time frame is realistic if the public tenders are not challenged.

He also pointed out the airport’s capacity can be extended to 300 passengers per hour, from 30 passengers as it is now.

Valentin Iordache stated that in the past up to 2.5 million passengers could be operated on Baneasa airport per year, but these figures cannot be reached anymore now on the existing terminal, but only 300,000.

“The airstrip is one of the most modern and one of the best in the region. It’s an asphalt, elastic airstrip, in good shape, but the terminal is the issue, as it is opened only for the general business aviation segment. The terminal is to be revamped, as well as the the other three buildings and once re-opened, they will have the capacity of around 300 passengers flow-based,” he explained

However, Iordache sees Baneasa Airport most suitable for business flights or for charters, as it is located in the city.

Considering it is located in the city, the airport could be used for business flights or for charters, for operating on Baneasa will be definitely more expensive than on Otopeni (our note: “Henri Coanda” International Airport),” Iordache told a press conference held by Wizz Air on Monday.

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