BCR puts up its old head office for sale

The Romanian Commercial Bank (BCR) is putting up for sale its old head office, the one located in the Universitate Square in Bucharest. The building, built in 1906, currently considered a historical monument, used to serve as the BCR’s headquarters in the past.

The bank hopes to obtain EUR 20 million for the building, which might accommodate a hotel, for instance, as its central placement is suitable for such a location. Moreover, it has the advantage of being few metres away from the underground parking at Universitate, as parking lots are a true asset downtown Bucharest, Digi24 reported.

BCR is under an ample restructuring process of its real estate assets and has put up for sale several buildings in the other Romanian cities, including some hotels in the mountain resorts. Seven years ago, BCR also gave up its HQ near the Central Bank of Romania (BNR), giving it to the City Hall in exchange for the plot of land where the old Bancorex Tower is built on Victoriei Avenue, which accommodates now the BCR’s present headquarters.

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