Belgian group Sonaca invests EUR 38 M to build new plant in Romania

The Belgian group Sonaca, one of the world leaders in the development and production of structural components for the aerospace industry, will invest 38 million euros in building a new factory in Romania, reports.

From the total investment, Sonaca will receive a state aid of 2.7 million euros.

The new facility unit will support the new contract with Airbus for the A321 products and the development of the A320 product portfolio.

The factory, which will become operational in the summer of 2025, will be built in the town of Moldovenești, in Cluj county, eight years after the Belgian group’s first investment in Romania.

In the summer of last year, Sonaca obtained three major contracts from Airbus, for the supply of components produced including at the factory in Romania, as part of the “greatest commercial success” in its history.

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