Betfair Romania Development launches new tech business area, targets the threshold of 2,000 employees

Betfair Romania Development, a technology hub of Flutter Entertainment Plc, is investing in a new business area and aims to reach the number of 2,000 employees by the end of this year. The company thus continues its growth of the last 4 years, during which it has doubled its workforce and has become one of the most important players in the software development market in Romania.

The office in Cluj is the only one at global level that serves all 5 divisions of Flutter, which continuously attracts the opening of new business areas specialized in the software development of the products in the Group’s worldwide portfolio. After the success of Flutter Studios, a business area created in 2023 with the role of developing and integrating games for online casinos, the group decided to open a similar area for the PokerStars brand. The intense recruitment process targets new roles in the structure of these departments, focusing on engineering and delivery, data, and games development.

The new departments, the migration from on-premises technologies to cloud capabilities, and the increase in the number of new products have led to a 30.5% growth of the Betfair Romania Development team in 2023 alone, the company currently having 1,700 employees. The goal to reach a headcount of 2,000 by the end of this year targets all centers of excellence in the Cluj office, especially those in areas such as Casino (game development), Account Management (creation of management and customer protection systems), and Data.

“The Romanian market needs companies that develop complex software products locally, to increase the value of the IT workforce. The directions in which Betfair Romania Development continues to grow are those that add value and are sustainable in the long term. We encourage diversity, creativity, and flexibility, and the environment we offer is one where colleagues can constantly develop their skills. We promote a culture of collaboration and continuous learning, while ensuring a variety of attractive projects and benefits,” says Ioana Popa, General Manager.

The flexible ways of working and the variety of benefits have allowed the company to hire nationally, almost 10% of the total number of employees being established outside Cluj County. Betfair Romania Development continues to invest in the development of IT talents, with over 100 young people benefiting from paid internship programs in 2023. Another 5,000 hours of training were dedicated to the company’s employees and their development.

From January 2024, Flutter Entertainment Plc, the parent company of Betfair Romania Development, is officially listed on the New York Stock Exchange, a pivotal moment that will provide the company access to deeper capital markets, new investors, and significant long-term development opportunities.

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