Black Friday 2023 at Fashion Days kicks off on November 6

Black Friday 2023 at Fashion Days will kick off on November 6th in the morning, between 6:30 and 7:30, and will conclude on November 12th, at the end of the day, with discounts on over 700 top brands.

Robert Berza, General Manager of Fashion Days, announced in a press conference today that there will be the most discounts of the year, with reductions of up to 80%. He added that over 70% of products will have the best prices of the year. Overall, over 2 million items will be on sale.

The value of available stock reaches a new record of 280 million lei, offering the most discounts of the year. The fashion retailer anticipates sales of 70 million lei, excluding VAT, on the first day of Black Friday.

According to a recent survey conducted by Kantar, 26.6% of Romanians planning to shop on Black Friday consider buying clothing items, marking a significant statistical increase compared to the previous year (+4.2%), when this percentage was 22.4%. These figures represent a historic high for this category, placing clothing items among the most sought-after products during Black Friday.

Footwear also remains a category of interest, with 12.3% of potential Black Friday buyers considering purchasing such products during the event, compared to 9.9% last year. Thus, this category also reaches the highest level of consideration recorded to date.

This year, Black Friday has the premises for an absolute record for online fashion shopping, according to Kantar’s study. Our recipe is well-known to customers and has a track record of success: most products have the best prices in the last 365 days, and two-thirds of orders reach buyers by the weekend. For the formidable volumes generated by this shopping festival, Romanians simply do not have a better offer, both in terms of delivery and returns, and for top brands at unique prices throughout the year,” said Robert Berza, General Manager of Fashion Days.

On a general note, for the fiscal year 2023, ending on March 31, 2024, Berza estimated business of 850 million lei for in the markets of Romania, Bulgaria, and Hungary. “We aim to reach one billion lei in the fiscal year 2024, which will end on March 31, 2025,” said the retailer’s CEO.

Robert Berza mentioned that Fashion Days is going through a major transformation process, aiming to triple the range of products within two and a half years, from the current 130,000 to 430,000 products in 2026. Over the next four years, Berza pointed out that the goal is to double Fashion Days’ business.

Fashion Days is also preparing for the launch of its marketplace platform in 2024.

“In the next year, we’re not just talking about stock held by us, but we will have more partners in the ecosystem,” said Robert Berza.

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  • Panagiotis Spyridis

    Kantar should tell us if this “available stock” is unsold stock that could not sell at normal prices!