Black Sea gas transit to be made via Transgaz, Basescu urges

President Traian Basescu called on the Government during a meeting of the Romanian Supreme Defence Council (CSAT) on Tuesday to find a strategy that it should also turn into law by which the transit of the natural gas to be drilled for in the Black Sea be made via Romanian gas transporter Transgaz, the Presidential Administration said in a press release.

It added the incumbent head of state also asked that the Black Sea natural gas should mainly ensure the consumption demand of Romania and the neighbouring Republic of Moldova, with the surplus to be used for export.

The Council members analysed and approved the strategic directions of Romania on the development of the energy infrastructure amid the relevant European developments.

The participants in the CSAT concluded that ‘the scenarios regarding Romania’s involvement in energy infrastructure projects must, beyond commercial reasons, consider the strategic dimension and the contribution to ensuring the national and regional energy security’, the President’s Office stressed.

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