Build21 startup plans innovation in real estate development through blockchain

Engineer Adrian Vasilescu and businesswoman Raluca Negrea, two Romanian entrepreneurs, have launched a new start-up, Build21, a real estate company that applies blockchain principles and infrastructure to enable retail investors to access its real estate developments.

“We founded Build21 with the goal of changing the Romanian real estate landscape by offering a new business model that actively involves, from the very early stages of the project, the three main communities interested in the success of any real estate development: investors, experts (architects, structuralists, builders), and those who use the final space. We embarked on this path alongside an established community of experts, driven by an ambition to leave a sustainable valuable built heritage for future generations. We are now opening the doors to retail investors who want to contribute to our mission”, says Engr. Adrian Vasilescu, CEO and Co-Founder of Build21.

Adrian Vasilescu is a construction engineer and entrepreneur with over 17 years of experience. He co-founded Cross Structural Design, a structural design company launched in 2009, and 481 Engineering, a monitoring and consulting company focused on how construction behaves over time. At Build21, Adrian is responsible for the strategic direction of the business and its development.

The company focuses on built-to-sell residential projects in Romania’s urban areas, but it will additionally focus on improving existing buildings that can be transformed into high-quality residential spaces.

Build21 aims to develop a community of thousands of investors, who will have the opportunity to support the 21 real estate developments that are unique in Romania, and to benefit from the value generated by them. The involvement of such a large number of people is possible through blockchain infrastructure. Later this year, the company will provide an opportunity for the public to join as investors in the financing of the technological infrastructure, as well as the legal and fiscal framework required for Build21 projects, via a first round of financing through blockchain technology.

“Build21 decentralizes access to investment for retail investors, allowing them to participate with affordable amounts in the 21 real estate developments. Over time, the company aims to create one of the best investment products for Romanian retail investors, in terms of yield and accessibility. All while maintaining maximum transparency towards our investors and respecting the best corporate governance practices”, adds Raluca Negrea, COO and Co-Founder of Build21.

Throughout her 20-year career in management and marketing, Raluca Negrea established and managed several technology and communication companies. Raluca holds an Executive MBA from the Maastricht School of Management and has previously worked with investors. Raluca is in charge of marketing, communications, and technology resource management at Build21.

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