Bulgaria-Romania gas interconnector to be launched on November 11

The gas interconnector to Romania will become operational on November 11, Bulgarian PM Boyko Borisov announced at a meeting with his Serbian counterpart Aleksandar Vučić, novinite.com informs.

The initial completion term of the EUR 24 million project was June 2013.

Borisov called for the intersystem link between Serbia and Bulgaria to be completed as well, since it is vital for both countries.

The interconnector with Romania will be the first one to become operational since the gas crisis of 2009 which proved that Bulgaria is, in fact, totally dependent on deliveries of Russian gas and that the country is completely vulnerable, compared to other EU member-states, the quoted source notes.

Then, with the support of the European Commission, Bulgaria made it its purpose to secure alternative routes and sources of fuel, which the Bulgarian government managed to achieve, albeit partially, eight years later.

The gas pipeline is designed so that Romania could also import gas in a first phase and then will export too, as compression stations will be installed.

The interconnector Bulgaria-Romania will provide an opportunity for diversification of sources and routes of gas supplies in southeastern Europe to fulfil one of the main priorities of the European Energy Union.

Bulgaria-Romania interconnection has a total length of 25 kilometers, of which 15.4 kilometers of Bulgarian territory, 7.5 kilometers in Romania and 2.1 kilometers on the river bed.


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