Card payments of local taxes and fees, up by over 40 pc last year

The value of local taxes paid by card grew by 42 percent last year, to about RON 250 million in the context of the increase of online transactions by 74 percent and the extension of acceptance network, according to data reported by Visa Europe member banks in Romania, a press release informs.

In 2015, taxpayers have made almost 750,000 card payments to pay their tax liabilities, up by 49 percent compared to 2014.

“We are glad to see that the authorities have committed to support card payments and the development of platform, and here I refer to the MFP and MCSI strategy for 2016,” Cătălin Creţu, regional manager Visa Europe for Romania, Croatia, Malta and Slovenia said.

Visa Europe, along with member banks in Romania, will run from February 1 to March 31, 2016 the seventh edition of the annual campaign to promote the payment of local taxes and fees by credit card, under the slogan “Pay local tax with any Visa card and you can live 10 years carefree”.

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