Cargus estimates a 20% increase in volumes for 2022

Cargus, a courier player in Romania, has invested 20 million euros in its operational infrastructure, in the last mile delivery, in technological solutions for the final recipients, in accessible and fast delivery services in the past two years.

The company has also focused on expanding the SHIP & GO network and digital integrated solutions for the e-commerce businesses.

For this year, Cargus estimates a 20% increase in delivered volumes, both nationally and internationally. Significant investments are planned for this year, and also for the next two, with a strong focus on technological innovations and new delivery solutions, such as the new APM network (lockers), due to be launched in the second half of 2022. Innovations and integrated delivery solutions for the e-Commerce market are two of the most important pillars of the company’s long term strategy.

“Courier services are an essential part of the overall business ecosystem, as well as a growth enabler for companies, especially for those in the e-commerce industry. So our mission is to continue to develop integrated solutions that can provide high standards of excellence in delivery and a complete experience for customers – fast, easy and efficient. We will continue to invest in our logistic infrastructure, but also in digital, up to date delivery solutions, in order to consolidate our position as an innovation leader and to strengthen our partnership with the business segment. This year is also about the Cargus team – becoming more agile and also more people centric, and our sustainability mission. We are the first courier company in Romania and we have a responsibility and a legacy to do business in a sustainable way”, said Olivier van Houtte, CEO of Cargus.

Following the company’s financial indicators, Cargus registered in 2021 a turnover of 450 million lei and a constant level of volumes delivered, maintaining the same trend as the previous year. The B2C segment, an important share in the company’s delivery structure, increased with 7%, as consumers improved their comfort level during the pandemic. Also, new business partnerships brought from international markets and capturing domestic growth on e-commerce were growing factors. These will be enhanced by the complete services & delivery solutions that Cargus is providing: APM, PUDO network, e-fulfilment, prepaid/subscription for start-up businesses and user friendly & modern apps.

The operating profit margin remained constant, as in the previous year, proving the company’s ability to have  good  control over operating costs in a rather unstable economic environment.

Investments in logistic footprint and innovations

An important share of the investment budget in the last two years was dedicated to logistic optimization and bringing the network to high excellence standards of the delivery services. Last year, Cargus opened 9 new logistic warehouses, located in strategic geographical areas, equipped with modern working lines, capable of doubling or even tripling the sorting capacity of the parcels – an investment of 8.5 million euros.

At the same time, the company has also expanded  the network of SHIP & GO points, surpassing, today, over 700 locations, throughout the country.

Also, the courier equipment represented a 7.5 million euros investment. Important to mention is the the mobile equipment for the Cargus courier team that allowed the implementation of the PIN on Glass solution (card on delivery payment solution).

Furthemore, in 2021, the company also focused on launching innovative technological and digital solutions, to provide customers with the best delivery experience, representing in total a 4 million euros investment, such as the Cargus Mobile app. Released on the market last year, the app offers visibility, flexibility and control of deliveries, and one of the most downloaded business apps in Romania.

Plans for 2022: focus on e-commerce, out of home and innovations

This year’s investments will focus on the e-commerce business segment, on growth through innovations, increase the service quality, developing the out of home network (OOH) and logistic footprint.

Recently, Cargus has added two main partners to the SHIP & GO network, PayPoint and un-doi Centru de plati, and estimates that by the end of 2022 there will be 3.000 points across the country. Another series of consistent investments are coming, this year, in the creation and development of a network of Cargus APMs (lockers).

Also, the company opened a new Cargus warehouse for the Bucharest-Ilfov area, which will double the operating capacity of the one in Magurele, and will invest in the modernization of another 16 locations.

Furthermore, the Cargus Mobile app will continue to develop and will receive new functionalities, such as several electronic payment methods – link and PIN on Glass in the SHIP & GO network, thus offering consumers a complete, easy and modern experience, both online and offline.

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