CloudCart, the professional eCommerce-as-a-service platform, launches in Romania

CloudCart, the professional eCommerce-as-a-service platform, launches in Romania. The company offers easy-to-use software to automate the creation of online stores, as well as a complete ecosystem of partnerships, tools and support services dedicated to each market to cover all the day-to-day operational needs of online merchants. Initially launched in the Bulgarian market and rapidly expanding regionally, the company currently has over 1500 unique customers.

CloudCart aims to provide online retailers with a complete business development solution through an eCommerce-as-a-service approach. The solution is delivered on a SaaS (Software as a Service) model, but the technology offered and the eStore platform are just the first step. In addition to standard eCommerce solutions, CloudCart offers email marketing campaigns, integration with social platforms, newsletter subscriptions and advanced analytics on user behaviour and store performance.

Compared to other eCommerce solution providers, CloudCart stands out as a regionally relevant company that differentiates itself from the competition through a strong ecosystem of partners, integrations and functionalities specific to the Southeast European markets. At the same time, the company offers cross-border business opportunities to customers who want to launch and grow their businesses in countries other than their own.

“We are delighted to now be present in Romania, a market with huge potential in e-commerce. With CloudCart we offer a unique business model, an eCommerce-as-a-service solution perfectly adapted to the needs of local online shops and we are ready to actively engage in their growth. Our development plans include, among others, expanding partnerships and also the local and regional network of agencies, freelancers and various industry-relevant companies to provide our customers with more value in their growth and development,” says Nikolay Iliev, CEO and co-founder of CloudCart.

CloudCart customers had cumulative sales of up to €300 million in 2022

The company currently operates in seven regional markets and its targets include 100% growth in at least 3 key markets – Bulgaria, Romania and Greece. In Romania, the company is already working with approx. 10 active stores and intends to strengthen its presence through strategic partnerships with banks and other relevant companies. In the medium term, CloudCart aims to expand into Serbia, Bosnia Herzegovina and Croatia.

The platform currently includes more than 1500 companies, the main industries being technology, fashion and beauty. In 2022 alone, merchants operating through the CloudCart platform recorded cumulative sales of up to EUR 300 million. The five most requested service categories are UX/UI customization, landing page creation, initial store setup, migration services and a variety of marketing services offered through the partner network.

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