Cluj-based company, important supplier for Lockeed Martin

Onyx Beacon from Cluj has become one of Lockheed Martin’s suppliers, world’s largest military products manufacturer known for F-16 and F-35 combat aircrafts, informs, quoting

In two warehouses in Orlando, the U.S. giant uses the beacons made by the Romanian company to manage faster and more efficiently the equipment, parts and packages they work with daily.

A beacon is a small device that constantly sends out radio signals to nearby smartphones and tablets, containing a small amount of data. The signal strength and time between each signal can be configured to give a desired coverage. Mobile apps can listen for the signals being broadcast and, when they hear a relevant signal, can trigger an action on the phone. Beacons work using Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) which is a version of the more common Bluetooth protocol, designed to use very little power and send less data.

Onyx’s solution is suited in many areas, from tourism to marketing and from inventory management to the activity of a museum. The concept attracted the Lockheed Martin’s attention.

A few months ago the U.S. company began a pilot project in which they use Onyx’s beacons and Tracko system. The pilot project has succeeded, and now the collaboration goes on.

“Beyond the fact that we produce Bluetooth beacons, also we have an integrated solution called Tracko. This solution uses the beacons together with a software platform and thus becomes a RTLS solution, ie Real Time Locating Service. This means locating objects in closed spaces such as warehouses or malls. This can not be done with the GPS , for example, and what’s new to us is that we use bluetooth technology, ” Claudiu Rusu, Marketing and Communications Manager at Onyx Beacon says.

Such a solution can reduce parcel handling times even 40 times.


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